Troop Tribune for 05-11-17

This Week’s Meeting Theme
This week’s meeting theme is all about survival skills!  Come learn about tarp shelters, alternative fire methods, and other survival topics!

First Year Theme
First years, after patrol time, will be participating in troop activities (learning survival skills).  Reminder to bring scout books as we will be reviewing requirements during Patrol time.

Next week, May 18, First Years should come in Class B and wear appropriate shoes for physical fitness retest for Tenderfoot rank.

Next Outings
May 19-21, 2017 will be a Survival Skills campout.  Last day to sign up is tonight!  Cost is $25.  Come and work on your survival skills, with minimal camping gear, different foods to try, and skill challenges like BB Guns, Archery, Tomahawk/Spear throwing, and more!

Spring Camporee Reimbursement
Troop reimbursement policy asks that all requests for reimbursement be turned in the month following the campout.  If you would like to be reimbursed for the spring camporee campout expenses, that means you have until the last meeting in May (the 25th) to complete the “Troop 750 – Reimbursement Request Form” (found on Troop 750 – Mason, OH website), attach receipts and give to our Treasurer, Mark Washington or Spencer Beeching.  If you are unable to make the meetings, please scan and email to Mark Washington at  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mark Washington via email or call (513) 234-8453.

Backpacking Events
For our Philmont crews, we have several upcoming hikes planned to prepare for Philmont. Please make every effort to attend as many of these prep hikes as possible. While these hikes are primarily intended to help prepare scouts and scouters attending Philmont, they are open to any scouts second year and above with the approval of Dan Clabbers, Gary Hayes, or Ben Zumkehr.  If you are attending Philmont, we need you on the trail NOW.  Time is running out!

It’s That Time Of The Year!  Annual Swim Check Time
BSA requires annual swim checks for all Scouts and Scouters!  You need to pass the swim test every year to participate in any water related activities.  This includes summer camp!  The Troop has the Mason Community Center reserved for Sundays May 21, June 4, and June 11 from 2:00 to 4:00.  There will be no cost for members, non members will be charged $7.  This will allow swimming after you have finished the Swim Check.  Non members need to complete a waiver.  Countryside YMCA in Lebanon will also be offering BSA swim checks, free for members, $5 for non-members.  More details to follow.

To qualify as a Swimmer you need to jump into the pool and swim 100 yards.  The last 25 yards must be using the resting or elementary back stroke.  Then float on the back for 1 minute.  To qualify as a Beginner you need to jump in and swim 25 feet then turn around and swim back.  Please make sure to sign-up for one of these checks if you plan on attending any of our water related campouts or summer camp.

Summer Camp Update!
For Summer Camp, we will need Part C of the BSA Health Form completed and signed, with copies of insurance cards.  The second payment of $140 will be due no later than May 25th.  Please see our Treasurer, Mr. Washington.

Advancements and Eagle Projects
Scouts needing a Board Of Review should contact our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Enouen at  Before scheduling your Board of Review, please request your TroopMaster records from Mrs. Lyons at , or Mrs. Peischl at,  so that we can confirm all rank advancement requirements have been met.

Scouts needing to schedule time with the Troop Committee for Eagle Scout Project Approval should contact Mrs. Peischl at