Troop Tribune for 03-23-17

PLC is this week!

Because next week is Spring Break Week, we will not have a meeting.  Our normal PLC meeting time is 5:30PM-6:30PM the last Thursday of the month but since there isn’t a meeting, we’ll be meeting this Thursday.  If you are part of PLC, please be there by 5:30 PM.

This Week’s Meeting Theme

This weeks theme is the ultimate sign-off challenge!!!  Please bring your Scout books to the meeting and finally be able to take care of some lingering sign-offs to earn that next rank!

Next Outings

Thank you to all the Scouts/Scouters that made BSA 101 a success!  A big thank you to Matt Goodrich and Zoe Bouche for all of the efforts in planning and coordinating the annual event.

April, 2017 will be the Hopewell District Spring Camporee at Camp Friedlander. Mark your calendars now for a fun event at Camp Friedlander scheduled for April 21-23.

Court of Honor

Our Spring Court of Honor is coming up fast!  It’s the first week of May.  In order to prep the program and awards, our advancement cutoff to be included in our Court of Honor will be April 20th.  Please plan on completing all rank advancements or merit badges by then.

Backpacking Events

Our next Troop backpacking event will be April 14-15 for scouts second year and above.  This will be a great one night trip to The Red River Gorge.  We hope to camp at Hanson point and wake up to a sun rise with the fog below us in the Gorge.  Great trip for our new backpackers.  This is Easter weekend so we plan to leave the church at 12pm on Friday the 14th and return by 3pm on Saturday.  Cost will be $10 and signups will start at this week’s meeting.

For our Philmont crews, we have several upcoming hikes planned to prepare for Philmont. Please make every effort to attend as many of these prep hikes as possible. While these hikes are primarily intended to help prepare scouts and scouters attending Philmont, they are open to any scouts second year and above with the approval of Dan Clabbers, Gary Hayes, or Ben Zumkehr.  If you are attending Philmont, we need you on the trail NOW.


Scouts & Leaders should sign up for Sea Base 2018 by 8:30pm this Thursday, March 23, 2017.  A deposit of $150 deposit is due at time of sign ups.  At the time of the trip, scouts must be 13 years old and graduated the 8th grade (or 14 years old by 9/1/18), must be in good health, and must pass the BSA swim test.
The trip is expected to cost ~$1,750, plus personal spending money.  The total cost will be set once travel arrangements are made.  Subsequent payments will be due in Sept & Nov 2017, with the final payment in February 2018. Proceeds from Mulch Fundraiser in 2017 & 2018 can be used towards this trip.
Scouts can choose from two Sea Base programs:

1. Out Island Adventure* Tentative dates: Thursday 6/14 – Saturday 6/23/2018
* This is the program that the troop has participated in past years, and is intended for current third year (Marshmallow patrol) and older scouts.

2. Coral Reef Sailing
        * Scouts must meet age requirements for Sea Base, and for registration with Crew 750.
* Tentative dates: Monday 6/25 – Tuesday 7/3/2018
* This is new for Troop (& Crew) 750, and is intended for older scouts and those that participated in Out Island in 2015.

Visit for additional information.  And please direct Sea Base questions to Mr. Peischl, and any specific Coral Reef Sailing questions to Mr. Clabbers.

Merit Badge Opportunities

The troop generally offers the Personal Fitness Merit Badge once a year (Eagle Required Merit Badge).  It’s that time of the year and the merit badge work is beginning, so if you are interested in earning this merit badge,please see Ed Spencer or Jim Brady.

We are also beginning planning for the Automotive Maintenance merit badge for the older Scouts.  If you are interested, please see Josh Clabbers.


Only 2 MORE weeks left in the Mulch Sale – we have sold 2031 bags and 31 yds of mulch to date. PLEASE reach out to those previous customers AND get flyers out to everyone in your territory AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!Remember, this is the ONLY FUNDRAISER of the year for the Troop – We need everyone to participate!

If you are looking for additional territory to cover, please see Greg Peischl at the Troop meeting or contact him at
Mulch Sale  March 2 – April 6th, 2017
Mulch Delivery Day  April 29th, 2017

Service Opportunity

The Mason Chorale is STILL looking for 4-6 Scouts to help out at their Spring Concert on 4/30/17 starting at 4:30pm for approximation 3 1/2 hours.  Please see Mrs. Peischl (or email or text her gpeischl@cinci.rr.com513-226-9165) if you are available to help out.

Troop Communications/Websites

If you would like to register for the Troop 750 website so that you have access to the Troop calendar/information and start to receive the weekly Troop updates (Tribune), follow the steps below…

  • Go to
  • Click on Register
  • Fill in the registration information and click on register
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your registration has been approved.

Both Scouts and parents can/should create their own account.

If you have any questions about the website, please don’t hesitate to contact Rhonda Peischl at or Ben Zumkehr @

Also, check out our Facebook page at

Advancements and Eagle Projects

Scouts needing a Board Of Review should contact our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Enouen at  Before scheduling your Board of Review, please request your TroopMaster records from Mrs. Franz, or Mrs. Peischl at,  so that we can confirm all rank advancement requirements have been met.
Scouts needing Eagle Scout Project Approval should contact Mrs. Peischl at