Use these Resources to help with questions about Eagle Rank applications and paperwork.

Eagle Project Application

  • Eagle Project Workbook – Download this workbook to help you through the process of your project
  • Tips & Tricks – Checklist and tips for your service project and getting it approved
  • Service Hours for the Project – After the project, the Eagle candidate should report hours worked by all Scouts and Scouters to the adult volunteer in charge of Records for Troop 750.

Eagle Scout Rank Application

  • Application Process – Overview of the entire rank application process
  • Eagle Scout Rank Application Q&A – frequently asked questions about the application itself and the process
  • Flow Chart – Overview of the complete application process to help you navigate through decision making to complete your Eagle Rank
  • Common Mistakes – List of the top twelve errors on the Eagle Scout Rank Application
  • Board of Review – Overview of what happens during an Eagle Scout Board of Review and what you should bring including complete, clean and pressed “Class A” uniform (including the sash with all merit badges affixed).
  • Eagle Scoutmaster Conference – Summary of the goals and process of the Scoutmaster Conference
  • Eagle Candidate letter – Overview of the process to obtaining Eagle with resources included
  • Candidate Parent letter – Overview and thoughts for parents of Life Scouts