09-09-16 Troop Tribune

Next Outings
Our next outing is Torrent Falls Climbing Adventure! It’s coming up the weekend of September 16-18.
More information will be available at the meeting. Our October outing is Peterloon, and sign-ups are
complete. If you’d like to check on your registration, please discuss with Mr. McNeill. If you want
patches or t-shirt from the event, see below!

Peterloon T-Shirts and Patches
Attention all Peterloon campers! The link below will take you to the order page for Peterloon T-shirts
and patches. If you would like to order, please follow the ordering instructions and then email Blair
McNeill (blairmcneill65@gmail.com) with your order. We will need this information in order to hand out
the T-Shirts at Peterloon. The last day to order t-shirts is September 18.

Troop 750 Shutterfly Account
Since we have so many new Scouts and families, and we haven’t posted the information in awhile, many
of you may not realize Troop 750 has a Shutterfly account that allows you to upload and add photos
taken at scout specific events. It allows all members to view, print and enjoy even when they aren’t able
to attend our events. The website is here:


If you already have an account with shutterfly simply log in and you will now see the BSA site shared
with you. If you do not have an account, please create a user id/pw. If you cannot access the site and
you want to be added to the shutterfly account, please send an email to Mrs. Enouen at
denouen@zoomtown.com with your desired email address. It’s a great way to share the many
memories from Troop events!

Popcorn Kick-Off
Our Popcorn Kick-off was this past week, Thursday, August 25th. If you have any questions related to
selling popcorn, or want to sell, please see Mr. Washington.

Merit Badge Counselor (MBC)
Are you interested in getting involved to help our Scouts? Would you like to become a Merit Badge
Counselor? Check on this link to take a look at the MB’s available, http://boyslife.org/merit-badges/ ,
and get in touch with Jen Ponstingle (jponstingle@gmail.com) to register! We really like to have all of
the Eagle required MB’s covered by an adult in the Troop and are currently in need of MBC’s for
Sustainability and Environmental Science – if you have interest in this area, please let us know.

Eagle Projects
Please watch for Eagle projects scheduled on the troop calendar! There are several upcoming projects
over the next few months. With all of the commitments our Scouts and Scouters have from fall sports
to marching band (and other commitments), if you have a few hours you can contribute in support of
our Life Scouts, all time is appreciated!!!

Fall Court Of Honor
Our Fall Court Of Honor is almost here! October 27th, please mark your calendars now! In order to
prepare properly, we will have to cut off all advancements two weeks prior to the 27th. So if you want
any of your rank advancements, merit badges or other special awards recognized on the 27th, please
have all sign-offs, blue cards, etc., completed no later than October 13th to have them included in our

Court Of Honor.
NEW Reimbursement Policy (effective July 2016)
In order to close out monthly finances and be able to more accurately determine costs for future Troop
trips, a Reimbursement Form, including all receipts, for Troop campouts, Back packing trips and High
Adventure trips MUST be turned in by the last day of the month following the event in order to receive
reimbursement from the Troop Treasurer. The reimbursement form can be found on the Troop website
under Troop Documents (Troop Forms & Documents) or requested at a Troop meeting.

Advancements and Eagle Projects
Scouts needing a Board Of Review should contact our Advancement Chair, Mrs. Enouen at
denouen@zoomtown.com. Scouts needing Eagle Scout Project Approval should contact Mrs. Peischl at
gpeischl@cinci.rr.com. Before scheduling your Board of Review, please request your TroopMaster
records so that we can confirm all rank advancement requirements have been met.

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